• Dr. Alesandra DiCicco

My dentist wears Invisalign?!

Excited to announce that I will be starting Invisalign treatment in 2-3 weeks!! I am going to share my experience step-by-step for all those interested in Invisalign but afraid to take the plunge. After all, what better way to explain how Invisalign treatment works, than to experience it myself? YES, I know what you're thinking, "But your teeth are already straight." I actually have minor crowding of my lower teeth that I have always wanted to correct because I know that as I get older, the crowding will only get worse! A common complaint I often hear from my patients is that they used to have straight teeth but as they got older their teeth shifted. WHY does this happen? Crowding of teeth over time is NOT because of WISDOM TEETH. This is a very common misconception. In fact, shifting of teeth occurs as we age because of bone loss. Physiological and pathological changes to the bone which anchors our teeth in place contributes to movement and crowding of teeth. If you’ve had braces in the past, your teeth also could have shifted because you weren’t wearing your retainers!!