• Dr. Alesandra DiCicco

Week One of My Invisalign Journey

Week one of my Invisalign treatment is complete! I am loving how CONVENIENT Invisalign is for my on the go lifestyle! A few insider tips: 1. You will have to brush a lot more than the 2 times a day you’re used to. This is always a plus in my eyes. Obviously, I’m a dentist 😂. 2. Invisalign should be an official diet. No more snacking during the day. It involves taking out your trays and brushing your teeth AGAIN. 2. I can speak normally with them! Yes I will admit, the first week I had a soft lisp. But this went away rather quickly. 3. People do not notice you’re wearing Invisalign trays. My patients are SHOCKED when I tell them I’m wearing my Invisalign trays! 4. I have had to cut down on my three morning cups of coffee. I only have one cup now in the morning and one cup during lunch. 5. My treatment is shorter than I expected !! I have 12 sets of trays. There are different Invisalign programs. I am doing the Comprehensive program and I recommend 2 weeks for every set of trays so my treatment will be 24 weeks. 6. It’s 100% worth it! I know by straightening my slightly crowded lower teeth, this will improve the plaque removal around these teeth and help prevent future teeth crowding that occurs with aging!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!